Children/Youth Choruses and Choirs

ACDA National Youth Honor Choir
Appalachian Children's Chorus
Atlanta Young Singers of Callanwolde
Augusta Children's Choir
Australian Children's Choir
Barrington Children's Chorus
Bishop Anstey High School
   (Trinidad and Tobago)
Brooklyn Youth Chorus
Cantaré Children's Choir (Canada)
Cantate, the Children's Choir of Central Virginia
Canterbury Youth Choruses of
   Oklahoma City
Cedar Drive Middle School Concert Choir
   (Colts Neck, NJ)
Children's Choir Zvonecek
   (Czech Republic)
Children's Chorus of Greater Dallas
Children's Chorus of Maryland
Children's Chorus of Sussex County
Children's Chorus of Washington
Chilton Saint James School Seraphim
   Choir (New Zealand)
Choir of Groton School
Choir of St. Paul's School
Colburn School Children's Choir
Church of the Transfiguration Choir
   of Boys and Girls
Dimen Dong Folk Chorus
Drakensberg Boys' Choir (South Africa)
Duke of Cornwall Singers (South Africa)
Endless Mountains Children's Choir
Escola de Musica da Rocinha (Brazil)
Escolania de Montserrat (Spain)
Evergreen Children's Chorale
Fairfield County Children's Choir
Florida's Singing Sons Boychoir
Franklin County High School Chorus
Glen Ellyn Children's Choir
Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys
Harmonies Girls' Choir
Hayes Middle School Choir
   (Grand Ledge, MI)
Hong Kong Children's Choir
Hopkins School Choir
Indonesian Youth Choir
Iowa Youth Chorus
Ithaca Children's Choir
Jugendchor Konservatorium
   Winterthur (Switzerland)
Kalamazoo Children's Chorus
Kensington Chorale and Lyrikos
   Community Choir (South Africa)
Le Vocalise (Singapore)
Les Petits Chanteurs de Laval (Canada)
Lexington Catholic High School Choir
Los Angeles Children's Chorus
Medicine Hat College Girls' Choir (Canada)
Miami Children's Chorus
Milwaukee Children's Choir
Minnetonka Children's Chamber Choir
Musyca Children's Choir
New Zealand Secondary Students' Choir
Niños Cantores de Córdoba (Argentina)
Northwest Boychoir
Northwestern High School Choir
Oak Park & River Forest Children's Chorus
Oakville Children's Choir
Ondrasek Youth Choir (Czech Republic)
Pacific BoyChoir
Partners in Praise Girls Choir
Peninsula Girls Chorus
Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale
Phoenix Girls Chorus
Prague Philharmonic Children's
   Choir "Kuhn"
Princeton Girlchoir
Pro Musica Magnolia (Slovakia)
Red Rose Children's Choir
Saint Louis Children's Chorus
San Francisco Boys Chorus
San Francisco Girls Chorus
Shanghai Children's Choir of
   Dulwich College
Shanghai Jinsun Student Art Choir
SingersMarin Chamber Choirs
Singing Sensations Youth Choir
Spence School Select Choir
Spokane Children's Chorus
St. Mark's Boychoir from Texas
Texas Boys Choir
Toronto Children's Chorus (Canada)
Tuscon Girls Chorus
Vancouver Children's Chorus
Ventura County Children's Chorus
Vision All-Male Ensemble,
   Detroit School of Arts
Washington National Cathedral Choir of
   Boys and Girls
West Los Angeles Children's Choir
Willamette Girlchoir
Windsbacher Knabenchor (Germany)
Winnipeg Mennonite Children's Choir
Winston-Salem Children's Chorus
Yip's Children's Choir (China)
Young People's Chorus of New York City
Young Women's Choir of the
   Oregon Children's Choir
Youth Singers of Calgary (Canada)

Colburn Children's Choir [Dr. Mikhail Shtangrud, Choral Director, The Burbank Chorale, The Colburn School of Music and MUSYCA]
"What you do is simply magic! The most attentive and supportive audiences appeared at the most beautiful venues in foreign cities as if with a wave of a wand, just in time for the Colburn Children's Choir concerts. We understand that this seeming sorcery takes lots of knowledge, preparation, and hard work, and appreciate all the behind the scenes effort and dedication that makes touring with Classical Movements so enchanting. Thank you!"

Colburn Children's Choir [Mikhail Shtangrud, Music Director]
"I absolutely loved the Rhapsody Festival as well as working with Classical Movements. I read on your website that a client of yours said that once anyone tours with you, they would never tour with anyone else, and now I see why. Everything was great. I loved the other conductors and working with the guest conductor was fantastic. I very much appreciated the opportunity to conduct the finale of the Vienna concert."

Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale [Jeffrey Smith, Music Director]
"Classical Movements has to be the best concert touring company in the business. They are completely professional and at the same time very personal, culminating in the highest quality tour with much attention given to the specific needs of the group. The staff is careful to find out exactly what the clients want and to always meet those needs. They are very clear in their communication about your expectations and their expectations. When we use a concert tour company, we always use Classical Movements, and as long as they maintain their high standards we will never use anyone else."

Florida Singing Sons [Craig Denison, Artistic Director]
"Classical Movements proved to be the best decision we made for our trip to South Africa. Their staff was efficient, friendly and dependable. Our guide - incredible! This company provided a broad diversity of musical engagements that provided fine audiences, high-profile collaborations and attractive venues. With 25 years of touring, I have never experienced such a supportive and dependable company."

Canterbury Youth Chorus [Samantha Morrison, Chorister]
"When we arrived at the Walter Reed hospital... we lined up to sing and began our concert... A few other people would walk in, look at us for a moment, and continue on their way. And then there was a man who didn't. He had been watching us from behind, and I didn't realize he was there. He was in a wheelchair: both of his legs had been amputated. I felt sorry for him, but at the same time I was proud. I felt proud of a total stranger. And then, he thanked us. I swear everyone in the room teared up a little, including myself. We should be the ones thanking him, I thought. I guess that's when I realized that we already had. That's what this concert was for. Suddenly, it felt like the trip had a purpose. Everyone had been telling us that all along, but it didn't become real for me until that moment."

Seraphim Choir [Ella Hanify, Music Director]
"Our choir trip was a marvelous success- from every point of view- musically, organisationally, comfort, socially, food!, and also in terms of the historical and cultural knowledge through the excellent tour guides."

Los Angeles Children's Chorus [Anne Tomlinson, Artistic Director]
"The Los Angeles Children's Chorus was honored to participate in Classical Movement's "Serenade" premiere. The participating choirs showcased the rich diversity of choral music throughout the world. Strathmore Hall provided a beautiful acoustical environment for performer and audience member alike. The evening was a musical highlight of our tour and I highly recommend this opportunity to all!"

San Francisco Girls Chorus [Susan McMane, Artistic Director]
"Our recent tour to Cuba was wonderful, and a life-changing experience for our singers. The highlight was being able to work and sing with the Cuban professional choirs... The entire Chorus felt that the Cuban audiences welcomed us with open arms and appreciated our performances so very much. The special commission by composer Tania Leon and poet Carlos Pintado that Classical Movements commissioned for us was well-received in the land of her birth. It was moving for us to be a bridge between the two countries... [Classical Movements] handled the official documents very well, even though these papers were difficult to obtain. I would certainly recommend Classical Movements to anyone desiring to tour to Cuba."

Pacific Boychoir [Kevin Fox, Artistic Director]
"Thanks for all your efforts to put together our China tour. Both the musical and non-musical arrangements were truly exceptional as always. The concert halls were some of the best places we've ever performed, a testament not just to your work, but to the efforts of people in China who have made efforts to get world-class concert halls built there. Impressive. We look forward to the next tour with Classical Movements."

Peninsula Girls Chorus [Catherine Doyle Wesolek, Founder & Artistic Director]
"I thought this was an impeccably prepared tour and can't thank you all enough for that. You have a great staff, very responsive, very patient, and very skilled. Thank you! I look forward to another tour with Classical Movements."

Children's Chorus of Sussex County [Debbie Mello, Music Director]
"I would like to extend my congratulations and sincere thanks for an incredible tour to Vienna, Salzburg and Prague. The performance venues were fantastic and varied. Our tour guide was exceptional - providing excellent information and possessing a wonderful sense of humor, which is essential when traveling with children."

Fairfield County Children's Chorus [Jon Noyes, Founder & Music Director]
"Thank you so much for providing the Fairfield County Children's Choir with an amazing experience in Vienna, Salzburg & Prague. The concert venues were truly incredible, the orchestra was outstanding, the choirs were wonderful, and all of your staff were very professional in every way. All of these factors and more combined to make this a fantastic festival! My choristers, parents, chaperones, and I had an unforgettable time both as musicians and tourists."

Doreen Rao, Guest Conductor for numerous Children's festivals and workshops, Professor of Music University of Toronto
"I have worked with many music travel specialists, but Classical Movements stands above the rest. Their experienced and knowledgeable staff understands the specialized needs of performing groups. Through their international network of staff, they provide the most memorable concerts in the most prestigious venues. Every element of the travel experience could be considered a work of art, and Classical Movements is well prepared to make certain that their tours provide the finest experience at an extraordinary value. I readily endorse them."

Miami Children's Choir [Timothy Sharp, Music Director]
"I have fond memories of our tour this past summer to Austria and the Czech Republic. The preparations by Classical Movements were very professional and executed like no other tour I have been on."

Children's Chorus of Washington [Joan Gregoryk, Director]
"We have just completed a concert tour to France, our eighth international tour with Classical Movements. The choristers and I were thrilled with the opportunity to perform in so many historic cathedrals; in Paris at La Madeline and Notre Dame, at Chartres, and in St. Satur Abbaye in the Loire Valley. Hearing our repertoire sung in the amazing acoustics at La Madeline was a highlight of my conducting career! And, at each of the performances we had a full and appreciative audience."

Toronto Children's Chorus [Elise Bradley, Director]
"This past summer, the Toronto Children's Chorus embarked on an invigorating, exhilarating and enriching tour to Russia, the Baltics and Poland. The Chamber Choir sang in the most spectacular venues, with a culminating concert in Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Krakow, Poland, with Krzysztof Penderecki conducting one of his own works. Thank you Classical Movements for another fabulous and truly memorable tour!"

Australian Children's Chorus [Andrew Wailes, Director]
"We were thrilled with Classical Movements and the wonderful opportunities they made possible for The ACC on its recent tour to the USA and Canada. Excellent planning, beautiful performance venues, great audiences, comfortable accommodation, exciting sight-seeing opportunities and terrific tour guides made for a fun-filled, action-packed adventure which ran smoothly from start to finish."

Escolania de Montserrat
"Thank you for everything you've helped us with over these days: up to this point, you have provided the best tour assistance that the Escolania has ever had (and I've been working there for a long time). So many wonderful memories."

Australian Children's Chorus [Andrew Wailes, Director]
"The staff at Classical Movements was a pleasure to work with, both before and during our tour. The "Serenade!" Festival in Washington D.C. was a particular highlight, and gave our young choristers a fantastic opportunity to share their music with some wonderful choirs from around the world, both in rehearsals and performance at the various concerts. The finale concert in Strathmore Hall was spectacular!"

Brooklyn Youth Chorus with Austria's Vice Mayor

Children's Chorus of Sussex Country perform in the Netherlands

Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale perform in Argentina

The Hong Kong Children's Choir in Russia

Los Angeles Childrens Chorus performs at the Rock Church in Helsinki

Floridas Singing Sons Boychoir give an energetic performance at the Notre Dame de Saint Taurin Church in France

The Grammy Award Winning Pacific Boychoir performs in Barcelona Spain