Classical Movements presents A Concert for India Thursday, 6 May

In solidarity with the resilient and beautiful people of India during a time of extreme hardship and sorrow, Classical Movements presents “A Concert for India” a streaming musical tribute on Thursday, 6 May.

Distressed to see the worsening, devastating situation in India, Classical Movements’ Indian-born Founder and President Neeta Helms reached out to colleagues in the Western classical music community across the United States and invited 8 accomplished Indian-American classical musicians (some performing with spouses or other collaborators) to offer moving performances of Indian and Western classical music and personal statements as a gesture of comfort.

The virtual “Concert for India” will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube by Classical Movements, the performers and other partners on Thursday, 6 May at 9pm IST / 11:30AM EDT / 8:30AM PDT.