Debuting in 2015 and already hailed for its “high-quality production” (Hospodářské Noviny) and “surprising sophistication” (Prague Post), Classical Movements’ Prague Summer Nights: Young Artists Music Festival offers fully-staged operas—directed by the legendary American baritone Sherrill Milnes—as well as orchestral performances, chamber music concerts, opera scenes programs, solo recitals and even cabaret at historic venues in two of Central Europe’s most beautiful cities: Prague and Tábor, in the heart of old Bohemia.

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“A better experience could not have taken place for me during the first annual Prague Summer Nights Festival. I will forever take with me the memories and knowledge gained during my time with many wonderful musicians. There is not enough thanks I can give for the opportunity to embark on such a momentous musical experience.”

Maya M. | violin

“I am still in awe of what took place over this last month, from Smetana Hall to the Dvorak Museum and, finally, Don Giovanni at the Estates Theatre. I honestly don’t know how you did it! This whole experience was otherworldly for me.”

John H. | baritone

“Hearing the culmination of the opera and realizing our time in Prague was coming to an end sent tears streaming down my face. Music truly has the ability to move us to the core of our being, and I can only hope that this emotion reaches not just the musicians performing, but the audience.”

Kristin M. | violin

“I made friendships that will last a lifetime and learned so much about myself as a performer. Sometimes when you are engrossed in the whirlwind of hard, dedicated work it is difficult to see your own progress. Just months after the program, I already feel a difference and ease of approach to my performing, as well as a greater awareness of not only what I can improve, but how I can improve. Having sung an opera where Mozart first conducted it is no small honor either!”

Stephanie K. | soprano

“At the end of the opera, when Suor drifts off to heaven, it was the most magical musical experience I had ever been a part of. There was not a dry eye in the building, and most of the audience didn’t even speak the language of the opera. It was a moment of universal peace that I’ll never forget.”

Harrison D. | double bass


“If the soloists were exciting to listen to, each time the chorus sang, the hall was filled, creating for numerous visceral moments.”

Francisco Alejandro Salazar, Operawire

“It’s much like taking lessons within a living, breathing music-history museum. If you think it sounds both dreamy and intense, you’re 100 percent correct.”

Heather K. Scott, Strings Magazine

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