Spanish colonial history fills the islands of this archipelago nation: centuries-old Catholic cathedrals, Spanish surnames and world-renowned choirs are commonplace. Look closer, however, and one may see the incredible ecological, linguistic and cultural diversity that gives each of the Philippines’ beautiful islands and fast-paced cities its unique flair. Whether on the beaches of Boracay or in a concert hall in Cebu, this music-loving country is especially fond of choral music: almost every school has a madrigal choir of their own and church choirs are as ubiquitous as the beautiful churches they are housed in.

Classical Movements has arranged many tours to and from Southeast Asia for such clients as the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, the Yale Alumni Chorus, Pacific Boychoir, Philadelphia Orchestra, Vocal Fusion Choir, Cordona, Anima, Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus and Indonesian Youth Choir.

Sights & Sounds

  • Manila & Quezon City
  • Spanish colonial cathedrals
  • Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Tiples de Santo Domingo Boychoir
  • Top-ranked island destinations Palawan & Boracay
  • Cebu City
  • Magellan’s Cross
  • Sinulog Festival
  • Tarsiers & dolphin-watching in Bohol



“The musical director and conductor of the Yale Glee Club said the group chose the destination ‘because of the wonderful friendships they discovered in Turkey.’ The Turkish word ‘dost’ (friends for life) is the reason we are performing in Istanbul,’ said Jeff Douma.”

-Hürriyet Daily News, Hatice Utkan | August 5, 2010

“Khubat Abbas Abdul Razaq, a cellist and one of the orchestra’s four women members, said: “I just want to say this is an honor to come to Washington and to play here.”

Samir Yosif, a double-bass player, said: “We want to let the American people know that we have a culture, that we have something to give them. It’s a great honor to be here and we thank the people who have helped us here to play.”

-The lndependent/UK, December 12, 2003

“Blue Heart has followed its clients’ suggestions to map out its expanding destinations. Vacationers travel from Guangzhou to Hong Kong by train visit the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and Tian’anmen Square and take in a performance of the famed Shanghai Acrobats.”

-Tour and Travel News, Michael Milligan | May 8, 1995

“The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra visit involved a human element that transcended the usual business of arranging orchestra tours for Neeta Helms, executive vice president of Classical Movements. She ushered the musicians from their first nerve-wracking security checks at New York’s JFK Airport to their last tourist stop at Rockefeller Center on the way out of the country.”

-Symphony Magazine, Rebecca Winzenreid | March, 2004

“Kevin Fox, who is working with the Neemrana Foundation, the Capital City Minstrels and Delhi School of Music in the Capital, says that the Indian singers are very keen on the music and are eager to do more and learn more about choral singing. He adds, ‘I’ve met some excellent directors and teachers here who are working very creatively to spread the musical and social benefits of group singing.'”

-Mail Today, Srijani Ganguly | Feb 15, 2017