Difficult to define, easy to overlook…essential to do.

A thriving, for-profit business—yet imbued with the heart and soul of a non-profit—Classical Movements has set ourselves apart from every other concert tour company in many and unique ways. Ever since our founding in 1992, we have been organically incorporating elements of cultural diplomacy into most of the 60 tours and 200 performances we produce each fiscal year. As a global enterprise, Classical Movements chooses to be responsible corporate citizens, not only through the organization and implementation of our clients’ participation in cultural diplomacy writ large, but through our own kind of donations and exchanges, education and service.


Apart from commissioning new works through our Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program, Classical Movements also contributes to a variety of organizations and causes that are important to life on earth.


Classical Movements is dedicated to facilitating collaborations between our touring ensembles and local music groups in countries all over the world.


In an effort to broaden our clients’ musical knowledge, Classical Movements offers workshop opportunities with world-renowned conductors, clinicians and ensembles.


Classical Movements is committed to direct action, offering opportunities to participate in preservation, rebuilding and outreach activities in destinations around the globe.

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