The Hope & Harmony Ensemble

A virtual brass and percussion performance in honor of the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Conceived, produced and directed by Classical Movements

Streaming Tuesday, January 19, 2021 | 12pm EST

14 professional musicians from orchestras across the country:

Atlanta Symphony | Baltimore Symphony | Chicago Symphony | Cincinnati Symphony | Dallas Symphony | Los Angeles Philharmonic | Minnesota Orchestra | National Symphony | New York Philharmonic | Pacific Symphony | Peabody Institute | South Asian Symphony | St. Louis Symphony | Utah Symphony

Conducted by Marin Alsop

Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland
Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman No. 1 by Joan Tower

In honor of the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and reflecting a desire for national unity and inclusiveness, Classical Movements has formed the Hope & Harmony Ensemble.  The ensemble performs two masterpieces of American classical music that perfectly represent our President- and Vice President-Elect.

During this difficult time in the arts, we have turned the necessity of virtual performance into an opportunity to assemble a group of musicians who would have been unlikely to have ever come together, even under normal circumstances.

Conceived to bring together a divided country through the power of music, this diverse and representative ensemble of musicians from across the United States reflects and celebrates our country’s own beautiful patchwork.  Audio and video engineering by Arts Laureate.

The Hope & Harmony Ensemble is conceived, produced, and directed by Classical Movements.

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A musical tribute with Indian links at the Biden-Harris Inauguration
Sriram Lakshman, The Hindu | January 19, 2021

“As part of a series of events to inaugurate President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, members of some of the most established orchestras in the U.S. are getting together for a live-streamed musical tribute, “Fanfare for Joe and Kamala,” a day before the actual Inauguration.”

“The group of 14, called the Hope and Harmony Ensemble, has been put together by Classical Movements run by Indian-origin Neeta Helms of Virginia.”

The Classical Movements musician group perform virtually in honor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Yukare Nakayama, ABC7  |

“As the inauguration approaches, the Classical Movements, a group made of musicians from all over the country, got together virtually with their Hope and Harmony Ensemble to perform in honor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

The Classical Movements’ Hope and Harmony Ensemble performance included Percussionist Cynthia Yeh of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Musicians From Around Country Hope To Ease Sour Notes Of Division
Robbie Owens, CBS DFW | January 20, 2021

Watch this interview with Neeta Helms, Elmer Churampi, and Robbie Owens. Congratulations on a beautiful virtual tribute yesterday performed by the Hope & Harmony Ensemble, and all involved in this project!

Elizabeth Freimuth

Cincinnati Symphony

Jaclyn Rainey

Atlanta Symphony

Ellen Dinwiddie Smith

Minnesota Orchestra

Nivanthi Karunaratne

South Asian Symphony

Barry Perkins

Pacific Symphony

Jeff Luke

Utah Symphony

Elmer Churampi

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Joseph Alessi

New York Philharmonic

Amanda Stewart

St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

John Lofton
Bass Trombone

Los Angeles

Velvet Brown

Peabody Institute
& Penn State

Scott Christian

National Symphony Orchestra

Cynthia Yeh

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Brian Prechtl

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

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