Let Classical Movements Fly YOU to the Moon!

Following up on our pioneering moonshot with Google and Lenovo for the YouTube Space LabClassical Movements is, indeed, going where no other concert tour company has gone before—384,400 kilometers (238,900 miles, or 1.28 light-seconds) due north to Earth’s only permanent natural satellite: the light side of the?.

To be fair, CM’s interstellar expeditions will, in fact, be insanely expensive! Assuming all passengers want shared, zero-gravity lodging, three square, dehydrated meals every 24 earth hours, as well as a fare that’s truly round-trip, we’re talking ca. $81 million, via the Russians’ Soyuz, $58 million through SpaceX, if Elon Musk is driving. And that’s per Earthling, folks.

Of course, then there’s Babbitt and Ives‘ still unanswered question of audience existence—humanoid or otherwise. Having never taken any group to a half-empty hall anywhere in the universe, Classical Movements nevertheless acknowledges that locally orbiting crowds might be short shrift. However, thanks to a SETI satellite feed installed by Scott Kelley (and ruined, repeatedly, by Matt Damon), CM is able to live-beam every concert transmission, including our pre-taped, in-flight entertainment of large ensemble space oddities we’ve dubbed, à la longtime clients at Yale, “New Music, New Frontier.”