Take a New Look at Remarkable Domestic Destinations

From sea to shining sea, there are opportunities across our great country for meaningful and exciting touring. From breathtaking vistas to bustling cities, not to mention hotspots of the American musical landscape, now is the time to plan a domestic tour that will take you to historic venues and landmarks of history at excellent value.

Classical Movements can also craft unforgettable tours to iconic domestic destinations not included on these itineraries, from Chicago and other cultural centers of the Midwest to Maine and Vermont to Puerto Rico, Guam and American Samoa – among so many others.

Are you “dreaming” of a destination with renowned perfect weather, world-famous sightseeing, and rich international music and culture? Look no further than the Golden State and make your next concert tour to California.

The expansive state of Alaska is known far and wide for its stunning and stark landscapes. No longer the Last Frontier, the state’s cultural and musical offerings span a wide range. Make an impact with your music, while also learning about the region’s earliest peoples. A trip to Alaska leaves no one out in the cold.

Make your way up the Eastern Seaboard and get a close look at four American powerhouse cities. You will have access to some of the finest and best-known churches and concert venues in the country, with options to visit essential highlights of our nation’s history.

Travel to the South Pacific and experience not only the Aloha State’s famed beaches and resorts, but delve into the ancient culture of the native islanders while experiencing the best of modern Hawai’ian classical music.

The Big Easy is known around the world as a place to party, but Mardi Gras is just a small part of the complex and fascinating personality of New Orleans. Get an intimate knowledge of not only jazz, but also Cajun culture and the history and geography of this totally unique city.

The peaceful forests and rocky coastlines of the Pacific Northwest play host to not only exciting cities, but also a varied landscape of classical music. From the boho chic of Portland to the tech metropolis of Seattle, see why this fascinating area is one of the fastest-growing in the country.

As you move across the state of Tennessee, you have a chance to experience the heart and soul of American music. Follow in the footsteps of rock ‘n’ roll and blues greats in Memphis, share the stage with country legends in Nashville, and hear the strains of old country bluegrass in the mighty Appalachians.

Experience the wildness and wide open spaces of the great American West. With unparalleled vistas and world-famous landmarks like the Grand Canyon and the Mormon Tabernacle, the region also plays host to a unique blend of cultures and traditions. Find the natural and human beauty in this vast and fascinating corner of the nation.

Domestic tours are more accessible economically and logistically and offer valuable rewards that are often overlooked in favor of international destinations. When travel is possible once again, consider these unforgettable tours within the USA.

Get your money’s worth with short and inexpensive flights, allowing you to spend more time in your destination and get the most out of every day. Classical Movements has a deep knowledge and network of contacts throughout the United States that stretches back decades, allowing you to connect with the finest practitioners and ensembles in each region.

Classical Movements is the leader in the industry in facilitating cultural exchange and musical collaboration, and is prepared to link your ensemble to impactful engagements with local students and musicians. We strive to make unique tour experiences for every ensemble, every time. Whether it’s rafting in Colorado, a crawfish boil in New Orleans, or a private workshop with a composer in Philadelphia, Classical Movements makes it happen.

Plan your next tour with Classical Movements right in your own backyard!

About Classical Movements
The premier concert tour company for the world’s great orchestras and choirs, Classical Movements creates meaningful cultural experiences through music in 145 countries. An industry leader for over a quarter-century, Classical Movements organizes more than 60 tours every year, producing some 200 concerts every season. Producer of two international choral festivals—Ihlombe! in South Africa and Serenade! in Washington, D.C.—and the Prague Summer Nights: Young Artists Music Festival, in addition, Classical Movements’ Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program has commissioned over 70 works from Grammy, Oscar and Pulitzer Prize-winning composers. Winner of Americans for the Arts’ BCA10: Best Businesses Partnering with the Arts Award, since its founding in 1992, as a truly global company, Classical Movements remains committed to facilitating cultural diplomacy across the world—promoting peace through the medium of music.