While arranging travel for the Human Rights Conference at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and two conferences for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Classical Movements has worked in Kabul and for Afghan Nationals, but at this time, we are not organizing tours to Afghanistan. With the existence of the Afghan Women’s Orchestra, it is clear that Western classical music is beginning to draw a small, albeit passionate following in the country.

The company started traveling to the Middle East in 1994, first with its brochure program under Blue Heart Tours. In 2016, Classical Movements arranged for the Yale Concert Band to play in Athens for Afghan and Syrian refugees. Throughout its history, it has developed working relations with human rights activists all over the world and has arranged concert tours for Middle Eastern musicians: in 2003, it arranged the historical tour of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra to the United States. The company has arranged tours to tours to SyriaJordan, Egypt, Israel, UAE, Qatar, Palestine, Turkey and Morocco.

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  • Kabul
  • Afghan Women’s and Youth Orchestras
  • Afghanistan National Institute of Music
  • Babur’s Tomb
  • Mazar-e-Sharif
  • Blue Mosque
  • Panjshir Mountains
  • Herat
  • Friday Mosque
  • Archaeological remains of Bamiyan
  • Balkh



“Khubat Abbas Abdul Razaq, a cellist and one of the orchestra’s four women members, said: ‘I just want to say this is an honor to come to Washington and to play here.’ Samir Yosif, a double-bass player, said: ‘We want to let the American people know that we have a culture, that we have something to give them. It’s a great honor to be here and we thank the people who have helped us here to play.’” The lndependent | December 12, 2003

Travel Weekly | Oct. 10, 1994

“Blue Heart Tours, the only U.S. operator that visits security-restricted Russian space centers, is planning a package around the first stay by American astronauts on Mir, the world’s only permanent space station…travelers will have the opportunity to meet the astronauts and watch their space shuttle…

Peabody News, September/October 1996

“With almost a year of meticulous planning by the Choral Arts staff, Blue Heart Tours and Classical Movements Inc. it was the society’s third overseas trip in three years. The Choral Arts Society toured Russian with the National Symphony Orchestra and Rostropovich in October of…