India’s homegrown diversity is no secret with hundreds of spoken languages, folk traditions and climes making up a multicolored and multifaceted mosaic culture as intricate as the famed inlays of the Taj Mahal. Despite this already unparalleled bricolage, Indians young and old have relished the opportunity to learn more about global cultures; large cities like New Delhi and Mumbai are incredibly cosmopolitan with Western classical music, choral music and jazz becoming increasingly more present. A concert tour in India means not only taking in its many traditions but contributing to the musical development of many interested audiences with performances and collaborations all over this spectacular country.

Neeta Helms, President of Classical Movements, grew up in India. Her family was involved in many major western classical music institutions: the Delhi Music Society, Delhi School of Music, Delhi Symphony Orchestra and Paranjoti Chorus number among them. Neeta organized her first tours to India in 1987 (before Classical Movements) with tours for American composer and pianist Robert DeGaetano in 1987 and 1988.  When Classical Movements began touring India in 2000, she had big plans for both sharing Indian culture with touring groups and bringing Western classical music to young, interested musicians there. Her unparalleled knowledge of venues and musical partners in India has been proven without a doubt by the highly acclaimed multi-city tour of the Yale Institute of Sacred Music and Juilliard in March, 2017.

In 2017, we also launched the India Choral Fellowship and sent as the first Fellow, Classical Movements’ artistic adviser Kevin Fox. The aim of this project is to provide choral music workshops and clinics for Indian choirs, thereby helping lay the foundation for both interpreting choral classics and creating new works that represent India’s new musical traditions. Two of the groups that worked intensively with Mr. Fox, the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Choir and Madras Youth Choir, were featured at the 2017 Serenade! Choral Festival in Washington, D.C.

Sights & Sounds

  • New Delhi
  • Agra
  • Taj Mahal
  • Desert palaces in Rajasthan
  • Mumbai
  • National Center for the Performing Arts
  • Beach resorts in Goa
  • Centuries of classical music and dance
  • Chennai
  • Madras Music Academy
  • Symphony Orchestra of India
  • Kerala
  • Calcutta


“I’ve been extremely happy with our tours we’ve taken with Classical Movements these past six years. We have used them exclusively for international touring, because they have worked so hard for us, getting us featured at prestigious international venues such as the Pacific Music Festival in Sapporo, Japan; the Gateway Music Festival in Beijing, China; and the upcoming 4th of July concert in Havana, Cuba. They have excellent national staff that listen to your needs, as well as important musical contacts in major cities internationally. Through Classical Movements we have been able to sing at amazing venues to full audiences around the world. If you are interested in a top-notch musical, as well as educational tour, I recommend you employ the services of Classical Movements.”

Dr. Susan McMane | Artistic Director, San Francisco Girls Chorus

“The concert venues were terrific.  The two most outstanding halls I’ve ever sung in were the Kitara and Kyoto Concert Halls.  What architectural and acoustical gems!  We felt so honored to be able to sing in those spaces, and the Chiba Paru-ru Hall was also amazing. I thank you for a wonderful tour to Japan on behalf of the SFGC!  The tour lived up to my expectations and more.  I would definitely recommend Classical Movements to someone else.  I look forward to traveling with you again!”

Dr. Susan McMane | Artistic Director, San Francisco Girls Chorus, 2005

“Thank you, again, for your tremendous work in bringing our tour to China to life.  It was an incredible, life-altering experience for our students.  The venues were fantastic, the audiences large and enthusiastic, and all of the complex arrangements were handled smoothly.”

John Nardolillo | Director of Orchestras, University of Kentucky, 2014

“We must applaud Classical Movements for always delivering a very comprehensive and thorough product. Tours of this type are a balancing act, where one wants a great musical experience at the same time as experiencing the culture of the countries visited. This was the first trip where we did not just concentrate on one country, but several in Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates. For many on the group, including myself who has travelled the world over, there were cities and countries we have never heard of before, but will not ever forget.”

Dr. Eric Conway | Choir Director & Chairperson of Fine Arts, Morgan State University, 2014

“Thank you for all your efforts to put together our China tour. Both the musical and non-musical arrangements were truly exceptional as always. The concert halls were some of the best places we’ve ever performed, a testament not just to your work, but to the efforts of people in China who have made efforts get world-class concert halls built there. Impressive. We look forward to the next tour with Classical Movements.”

Kevin Fox | Founder & Artistic Director, Pacific Boychoir Academy, 2010


“Kevin Fox, who is working with the Neemrana Foundation, the Capital City Minstrels and Delhi School of Music in the Capital, says that the Indian singers are very keen on the music and are eager to do more and learn more about choral singing. He adds, ‘I’ve met some excellent directors and teachers here who are working very creatively to spread the musical and social benefits of group singing.'”

-Mail Today, Srijani Ganguly | Feb 15, 2017

“After speaking with choral communities in India, Helms realised the country needed choral directors experienced both in classical music and in training choirs. And so, the India Choral Fellowship (ICF) was born. The fellowship seeks to expose people to choral music and bolster existing programmes with teachers and resources. ICF will send three more conductors later this year with the goal of eventually sending more than 100 conductors and trainers to various cities including Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, Pune and Bengaluru.”

-India Today, Romita Datta | Feb. 17, 2017