This UNESCO-listed micro-state is full of history and art, a given perhaps based on its prime location next to Germany, Belgium, and France. With grand palaces and beautiful landscapes, this cultural capital of Central Europe also offers glittering theaters and welcoming audiences steeped in the classical music of Western Europe. Despite its small size, Luxembourg’s location and enchanting history make it the prime location for a compelling concert tour.

Classical Movements has arranged numerous tours to Central Europe for groups including the Boston Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players, Minnesota Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, Bard College Conservatory Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus, Musica Viva of New York City, University of Kentucky Women’s Choir and the Cantaré Children’s Choir.  

Sights & Sounds

  • Luxembourg City
  • Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg
  • Philharmonie Luxembourg
  • Union Grand-Duc Adolphe
  • Grand Ducal Palace
  • Fort Thüngen
  • Bock Castle
  • Place d’Armes
  • Moselle Wine Country
  • Müllerthal


“It was an amazing 2 weeks – the best tour choir ever, singing in some of the most beautiful spaces in Europe. Thanks to Amy and Classical Movements for planning a spectacular tour, and thanks to Marianne (our Tour Manager) for executing a life-changing experience for us all!”

-The Children’s Chorus of Sussex County


“Classical Movements, Inc. is a concert touring company dedicated to arranging tours for choirs and ensembles all over the world. Helms calls the group a one-stop shop; booking hotels and meals for the touring ensembles and connecting them with performance venues. In addition, the group also produces four international music festivals every year (in Argentina and Brazil, Austria, South Africa, and Washington DC).”

-Bethesda Gazette, Cara Hedgepeth, June 25, 2012