From the Alps to the Adriatic, Albania boasts a diversity of climes and cultures united by a love of folk and classical music. Over the last century, Albanian composers have created a robust operatic and orchestral music scene redolent of Italian traditions and that stretches out from the capital of Tirana to historical towns like Shkodër and Berat.

Classical Movements has been organizing tours to the Balkans since 1995, and has done a lot of work in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia having taken several choirs and orchestras such as the Philadelphia Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, Oregon Repertory Singers, the College of William and Mary and others to enjoy the region’s beauty. With popular opera houses, lakeside monasteries and mosques, and proximity to Macedonia, Greece and Italy, Albania’s natural and musical sites set the stage for a unique concert tour.

Sights & Sounds

  • Operas and galleries in Tirana
  • Albanian Riviera
  • Blue Eye Spring
  • Peaceful monasteries and mosques
  • Ancient amphitheaters in Butrint
  • Castles and fortresses in historic Shkodër |


“I must thank you again for the wonderful time we all had on this trip. It was more than we expected and more than we could have dreamed about. Congrats to everyone at Classical Movements for putting together a wonderful experience for so many.”

-Lorraine Granderson [Bishop Anstey High School Choir of Trinidad]


“We’ve worked with Classical Movements since 2000. Since that time we have developed a very successful partnership. They are responsive, creative, attentive, and reliable. We couldn’t ask for more from a travel agent.”

-Simon Woods, Vice President of Artistic Planning and Operations [The Philadelphia Orchestra]

“[Bosnia], known for its medieval cities and cobblestone streets, has been significantly rebuilt.  [Neeta] Helms said Croatia has plenty to offer Americans. ‘It is very much coastal, semi-Mediterranean, since it is north of what you call traditional Mediterranean,’ she said. ‘Even though we are going along the Adriatic, it is not a beach experience. It has some very old and historic towns. It is very cultural. It is like doing classical Greece with antiquities.”

-Tour and Travel News-Michael Milligan



“No matter when or where the Groton choir goes next, we’re going with you, Classical Movements!”

Michael Smith | Choirmaster, Choir of Groton School, 2010

“Thank you for everything you’ve helped us with over these days: up to this point, you have provided the best tour assistance that the Escolania has ever had. Congratulations! You should be happy with the work that you’ve done to make all of us very happy. So many wonderful memories, and so great to have gotten to know you. Please pass along my thanks to all of the marvelous people at CM!”

Escolania de Montserrat, 2014

“Thanks so much for all your wisdom and patience in helping us with this little mini-tour.  Working with you guys is always a pleasant, uplifting experience, well beyond the usual ebb and flow of a normal business relationship. There seems to be an ever-present thread of genuine kindness and appreciation running through all you do. I sincerely appreciate it.”

Tim Lynch | Senior Director of Operations, Nashville Symphony Orchestra, 2012

“I just wanted to let you know how exceptional the tour in Europe turned out to be for the Singers. The venues were excellent, hotels were great and Constanza was a dream to work with. The highlights were the concert with the Vienna Mozart Orchestra and the evening mass at Notre Dame in Paris. Salzburg and Innsbruck were great, too, a lot of fun. Thanks again for putting together a fantastic tour. Professional, personable and efficient are only a few words that can describe Classical Movements. I have had the opportunity to personally work with this organization on tours throughout Austria, France and Italy. The venues chosen for performances were top-quality and world-renowned, and this was a priority for our group. Classical Movements definitely puts a lot of heart into their work.”

Cora Hughes | Tour Planner, Lexington Singers

“The William & Mary Choir and I are so grateful to have had Classical Movements as a partner for our international tour. You brought us to welcoming and enthusiastic audiences, providing us with not one, but two expert and delightful tour directors. Our experiences—both musical and cultural—in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Tallinn are ones we will treasure for a long time to come. As you couple your special commitment to the performing arts with your organizational expertise, you play a vital role in helping to enlarge the vision and horizons of performer and audience alike.”

Dr. James Armstrong | Director of Choirs, College of William & Mary, 2002

“In my opinion, our trip was a huge success. From a musical point of view, it was absolutely at the highest professional level. Logistically, everything was as smooth as could be. The venues were great, the schedule worked well, Luigi was fantastic, etc. And, let’s face it, there are far worse places to be than Italy!”

Benjamin Sosland | Administrative Director, Juilliard Historical Performance, 2011

“I just wanted to officially thank you for all of your work on our tour. It went very smoothly, and we’ve received lots of compliments. Osmo Vänskä announced that it was the best tour, logistically, that he had ever been a part of.”

—Beth Kellar-Long | Vice President of Orchestra Administration, Minnesota Orchestra