Just underneath Italy lies the country of Malta, a place that can also boast prehistoric ruins, beaches and Renaissance art. Time is suspended in hilltop archaeologic sites and perfectly preserved palazzos, but the music scene pushes ever forward with international festivals and thriving orchestral and operatic cultures. Pair Malta with a trip to Italy to explore one more unique side of the famous Greco-Roman culture and experience firsthand the richness of the Maltese fine and performing arts.

Classical Movements has been planning tours to Mediterranean countries since 1995. Successful tours have been planned for the Yale Institute of Sacred Music with the Juilliard School, Morgan State University Choir, University of Kentucky Women’s Choir, Children’s Chorus of Washington, Smith College, Yale Glee Club, Yale Symphony Orchestra, Lexington Singers, Pacific Boychoir and Choral Arts Society of Washington among many others.

Sights & Sounds

  • Valletta
  • Casa Rocca Piccola
  • Malta International Choir Festival
  • Royal Opera House
  • St. John’s Co-Cathedral
  • Manoel Theater
  • Comino beach island
  • Pre-history at Mnajdra and Hagar Qim


“It was an amazing 2 weeks – the best tour choir ever, singing in some of the most beautiful spaces in Europe. Thanks to Amy and Classical Movements for planning a spectacular tour, and thanks to Marianne (our Tour Manager) for executing a life-changing experience for us all!”

-The Children’s Chorus of Sussex County


“Classical Movements, Inc. is a concert touring company dedicated to arranging tours for choirs and ensembles all over the world. Helms calls the group a one-stop shop; booking hotels and meals for the touring ensembles and connecting them with performance venues. In addition, the group also produces four international music festivals every year (in Argentina and Brazil, Austria, South Africa, and Washington DC).”

-Bethesda Gazette, Cara Hedgepeth, June 25, 2012