“Whether producing fundraising concerts for important causes, providing scholarships to economically disadvantaged individuals and ensembles, or directly donating funds and equipment to organizations around the world, Classical Movements has raised and given back hundreds of thousands of dollars to numerous worthwhile charities and institutions, in an ongoing effort to help preserve those global cultures that are so meaningful to them.”  
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Donations Spotlights

Serenade! Choral Festival

Since its inception in 2011, Classical Movements’ Serenade! Washington, D.C. Choral Festival has presented choirs from around the globe in the U.S. capitol each June and July, with a major focus on raising funds in a variety of innovative ways: sponsoring underfunded, yet culturally worthy ensembles—like Pihcintu, an all-girl, all-refugee girl choir—organizing benefit concerts, such as our annual fundraiser for the Welcome Table Choir (comprised of singers from Greater Washington’s homeless community), as well as other initiatives benefiting, the Baltimore Symphony’s ORCHKids program and United Community Ministries in our hometown of Alexandria, Virginia, to name just a few.

Instrument Donation

With many of this country’s most accomplished professional and collegiate instrumental ensembles as clients, Classical Movements is keenly aware of the vital importance quality instruments play in developing the next generation of musicians studying at conservatories, youth orchestras and community schools around the world. With this fact always on our minds, Classical Movements has donated instruments and supplies to educational organizations as far flung as the Eastern Cape Youth Orchestra in South Africa, the National Music Conservatory of Jordan and the Groton School of Massachusetts, in addition to facilitating similar donations from clients touring regions with limited access to high-quality instruments.

Endangered Species

Classical Movements remains equally as passionate about supporting extra-musical causes—especially, preserving Mother Nature's most critically endangered birds, beasts and relatives. Such species include the African black rhino, which is still poached for its horn, as well as continued sponsorship of orphaned elephants and giraffes in Kenya, who will eventually be reintroduced to the wild.
CM is a proud sponsor of the Rhino Pride Foundation, working to protect the world's rhinos from extinction by creating sustainable areas that will enable future generations to experience these amazing creatures.

Here are some of the institutions Classical Movements has contributed to:

Rhino Pride Foundation (South Africa)
Indigenous Reading Project (Australia)
Legacy (Australia)
Ulman Cancer Fund
The Welcome Table (Washington D.C.)
Instrument donation to Eastern Cape Youth Orchestra (South Africa)
OrchKids (Baltimore)
Sponsorship of music teacher salaries at Rio’s Escola de Música de Rocinha
National Music Conservatory of Jordan
The Chicago High School for the Arts
Sponsored full tuition for five music students from Buenos Aires to attend the University of Manitoba
10 Year Sponsorship of the ACDA Julius Herford Dissertation Prize
Musicians of the Utah Symphony & The Haitian National Orchestra Institute
Harp String donation to Amman Symphony Orchestra
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
St. Matthias Church (Hungary)
Sponsorship of a new choir loft for St. Hubert’s Catholic Church (South Africa)


Classical Movements is dedicated to facilitating collaborations between our touring ensembles and local music groups in countries all over the world.


In an effort to broaden our clients’ musical knowledge, Classical Movements offers workshop opportunities with world-renowned conductors, clinicians and ensembles.


Classical Movements is committed to direct action, offering opportunities to participate in preservation, rebuilding and outreach activities in communities around the globe.

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