“Committed to enhancing each and every concert tour experience to the fullest, no matter the client’s type, size or destination, Classical Movements ably leverages our quarter-century’s worth of deep-rooted, international contacts to foment musical and intellectual curiosity by incorporating multi-faceted educational elements.”
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Education Spotlights

Prague Summer Nights

Established in 2015, as Classical Movements first foray into the world of international opera, our Prague Summer Nights: Young Artists Music Festival was carefully designed to provide the ultimate training curriculum and performance experience for conservatory-age singers and instrumentalists to travel to the Czech Republic and Austria. Unlike other audition-only festivals, however, from the beginning, Prague Summer Nights has offered intensive programs for conductors, stage directors, répétiteurs and even arts administrators. Three seasons in, and some 275 participants from more than 25 countries on all six continents later, close to 90% of all students selected to attend Prague Summer Nights have received some form of tuition assistance directly from Classical Movements.

India Choral Fellowship

With the launch of our inaugural India Choral Fellowship in 2017, Classical Movements seeks to stimulate the growth and foster the development of that distinctively Indian choral tradition. Working together with local partners in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai—blending Western classical music's rich history with the ancient and vital heritage of Indian classical music—we hope to inspire a new generation of composers, conductors, clinicians and choral musicians throughout India.

Bard Orchestra in Cuba

With conductor, author and Bard President Leon Botstein behind the podium, soloist Peter Serkin on the piano bench, the Bard College Conservatory Orchestra’s 2016 tour through Cuba was marked by a number of fruitful and impactful educational exchanges. In Santa Clara, the ensemble learned all about the traditional guajira music native to the region, care of the Grammy-nominated group Quinteo Criollo and celebrated singer Ernestina Trimiño. In Havana, in addition to Bard’s generous donation of instruments, stands and sheet music to the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Cuba, the ensemble from Annandale-on-Hudson, New York experienced a gloriously bilingual rehearsal with Camerata Romeu, an all-female ensemble led by the indomitable maestra Zenaida Romeu.

A few of the educational experiences our clients have participated in:

Son, salsa, samba, tango and waltz lessons in Cuba, Brazil, Argentina & Austria
Drumming lessons in Cuba, Ghana & South Africa 
Workshop on Brazilian choral traditions
South African workshops on music, dance, language and other traditions
Traditional instrument demonstration in Vietnam
Arranged masterclass for choral conductors in China
Lecture on the history of the Arab-Israeli population in Nazareth
Lecture on music during apartheid in South Africa
Alternative economies and trade in India
Lecture on Estonian Singing Revolution
Aboriginal Heritage Walk in Australia
Kung Fu lessons in China
Origami in Japan
Calligraphy in China
Scottish Highland Games
Tea Ceremony in Japan and Korea
Cheese and wine making in France


Classical Movements is dedicated to facilitating collaborations between our touring ensembles and local music groups in countries all over the world.


Apart from commissioning new works through our Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program, Classical Movements also contributes to a variety of organizations and causes that are important to life on earth.


Classical Movements is committed to direct action, offering opportunities to participate in preservation, rebuilding and outreach activities in communities around the globe.

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