“Almost all of Classical Movements‘ concert tours include some type of collaborative performance with local ensembles, resulting in an untold number of distinct musical exchanges and forging lifelong friendships. From Abu Dhabi to Zimbabwe, their unique range of destinations across six continents offers orchestral and choral clients myriad opportunities to fully experience exotic cultures from those far corners of the globe, while bringing clients’ own culture to the places they’re visiting, allowing for the best of both countries to be exchanged.”  
Sacramento Bee

Exchanges Spotlights

Minnesota Orchestra in Cuba

Be it travel logisitics or securing educational, outreach and exchange opportunities, Classical Movements was directly involved in every single aspect of the Minnesota Orchestra’s historic 2015 tour of Cuba. Minnesota’s first tour to the island nation in 85 years (and the first major American orchestra to perform on the “Pearl of the Antilles” in over 15 years), this landmark tour featured several life-changing exchanges—for both Cuban student musicians, as well as the pros from Minneapolis. At the Escuela Nacional de Música, Cuba’s national music high school, Minnesota Orchestra strings, winds, brass and percussion conducted masterclasses, coached chamber groups and performed side-by-side in a special, two-hour concert.

Colburn Children in Spain

The Colburn Children’s Choir’s 2016 Iberian tour (their third with Classical Movements) was highlighted by three workshops and concerts with Spanish youth choruses in Seville, Granada and Madrid. Perhaps the most successful of these was in Seville, where CCC’s full day with Coro Meridianos, a choir of children from surrounding at-risk neighborhoods, started off with some sightseeing, broke briefly for a delicious group lunch and ended with a sold-out performance—all well-documented by Sevillanos print, TV and online media.

Brazilian Samba Schools

As a specialist in orchestra and choir tours to Brazil since 1997, Classical Movements has arranged visits to many of the country’s most famous samba schools, including the celebrated Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel on Rio de Janeiro’s Rua Coronel Tamarindo, for some 30 different clients, totaling more than 1,500 people.

Exchanges have included:

Side-by-side concerts and workshops with the touring ensemble and ensembles from the host country
Shared meals and other cultural events with collaborating artists
Homestays in the local community
Joint sightseeing with host ensembles
Sports exchanges including soccer, baseball and rugby

In countries such as:

Argentina | Australia | Austria | Brazil | Bulgaria | China | Cuba | Czech Republic | Ecuador England | France | Germany | Greece | India Ireland | Israel | Italy | Japan | Latvia | Mexico | Myanmar| The Netherlands | Northern Ireland | Romania | Russia | Slovenia | South Africa | Spain | Turkey | United States | Vietnam | Zimbabwe


Apart from commissioning new works through our Eric Daniel Helms New Music Program, Classical Movements also contributes to a variety of organizations and causes that are important to life on earth.


In an effort to broaden our clients’ musical knowledge, Classical Movements offers workshop opportunities with world-renowned conductors, clinicians and ensembles.


Classical Movements is committed to direct action, offering opportunities to participate in preservation, rebuilding and outreach activities in communities around the globe.

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