Deceptively skinny on the map, Chile packs dramatic contrasts from chilly Patagonia to the blistering Atacama Desert, from the stoic stone heads on Easter Island to Pablo Neruda’s colorful house in Valparaiso. In the big cities, cathedrals and theaters, a fascinating and long history of opera, choral and orchestral ensembles playing classical music at a very high level, and enthusiastic audiences await. Great concerts are possible in Santiago, Valparaiso, Viña Del Mar and Frutillar. Travel the length of this spectacular country alone or combine it with tours to nearby Argentina or Bolivia.

Classical Movements began touring South America in 1996. We have Spanish-speaking team members and extensive experience organizing concert tours in Latin America. Past clients who have toured to Chile include the Philadelphia Orchestra, Youth Orchestras of the Americas and Yale Alumni Chorus.

Sights & Sounds

  • Santiago
  • Teatro del Lago
  • Neruda’s home in Valparaiso
  • Vina del Mar
  • Island of Chiloé
  • Chinchorro Mummies in the Atacama Desert
  • Stone heads at Easter Island
  • Stunningly verdant and glacial landscapes of Patagonia
  • Mapocho River


“Thank you for your inspirational spirit, unending commitment and excellent leadership that were key to giving birth to the Youth Orchestra of the Americas. There would have been no music of the YOA without your generosity. We are delighted to continue our collaboration for 2003 and feel fortunate to be in the capable hands of Classical Movements.”

Debra McKeon | Managing Director & CEO, Youth Orchestra of the Americas, 2003

“The National Symphony has a long and happy relationship with Classical Movements, the premiere concert touring company. Our tour would not have been a success without them! This year, Classical Movements is celebrating their 20th year of arranging concert tours around the world. The National Symphony Orchestra was their first orchestra client, 15 years ago, and the Americas Tour marks the 25th tour Classical Movements has arranged for the NSO. Thank you, Classical Movements. We’re looking forward to working with you for our 2013 European Tour!”

Cynthia Pickett Steele | Orchestra Manager, National Symphony Orchestra, 2012

“Concert after concert, we finished feeling that we now shared a special bond with these strangers. Our Brazilian audiences were the most responsive and enthusiastic audiences we had played for during in our brief careers. Their warm response to us was a wonderful reward for our hours practice and travel. I came home feeling that I could more than justify the sacrifice of time and the expense of the trip because of this singular affirmation: music really is the universal language.”

Caeli Smith | Violinist, Philadelphia Youth Orchestra

“The Morgan State University Choir’s Brazilian tour was one of the most extraordinary experiences that we ever had! Musically, the audiences were extremely appreciative of all the different styles that we presented. In every concert, a profound connection to the audience was felt. The Morgan students totally embraced Brazilian culture via exquisite food and lively discussion with the choral groups who attended the concerts. Two of the destinations being coastal cities gave a beautifully exotic feel to the excursion. I cannot imagine having a better cultural exchange than what we had in Brazil.”

Dr. Eric Conway | Choir Director & Fine Arts Chairman, Morgan State University, 2012

“Our eight-day concert tour with Classical Movements was perfectly produced, and gave us first-hand knowledge of the music and people of Mexico. Although we performed in Mexico at a time when media coverage about travel to that country was unfavorable, we found no evidence of anything untoward and left with a great sense of respect and appreciation for this beautiful country and its musical history. Our venues in Mexico ranged from the high end conservatory to and established chamber music festival to (by our request) a field in a barrio. Each was successful, and we now have contact with artists in Mexico upon which we at Yale University will build a relationship. We plan to travel again and always with Classical Movements, and thank you all for your commitment to personal attention, for it made our trip unique and the perfect showcase for our unique talents and mission.”

Dr. Thomas Duffy | Professor of Music & Director of Bands, Yale University

“I realize that it must have taken extraordinary efforts to organize a service tour of that magnitude. Thank you for arranging a safe journey for all of us and for providing us with many opportunities to become culturally acquainted with the Dominican Republic. I especially loved how you arranged for the President to greet us!”

Eunice Lee | Association of Yale Alumni, 2008

“Thank you for the wonderfully planned and operated tour. The choir and the parents had a fantastic experience. Our performance venues were outstanding, each a full house. The friendship concerts and outreach encounters were truly meaningful, age-appropriate, as well as fun. Special thanks go to our tour guides, who provided a wealth of information about their cities, as well as kept us all on enjoying ourselves and on time.”

Dr. Mikhail Shtangrud | Choral Director, Colburn School, 2010


“The wonderful experience we have had in South America would not have been the same without the expertise of Classical Movements, who arranged the tour. All our dealings with Classical Movements were of the utmost order with a professionalism and caring attitude that helped us immensely. We value the relationship with them and would be most happy to work with them again in the future.”

Judy Neufeld Urbonas | Assistant Director, Winnipeg Mennonite Children’s Choir, 2009

“From billeting and concert-giving in the Loma Plata Mennonite colony in Paraguay, to singing with the La Plata University Choir in La Plata, Buenos Aires, this was a trip that we will forever remember as the trip of a lifetime—one that greatly expanded our musical education and experiences.”

Anonymous | Singer, University of Manitoba Singers

“On our choir tour to South America we sang together with three other choirs from the United States. Although there were many special and powerful music-making experiences one of the best was when we learned and performed a well-loved Brazilian folk tune. Our Brazilian audience loved it and sang along with us. It was a moment in which each person felt connected to each other despite differences in language and culture. Music really is a universal language for peace and unity—that was very true for me in that moment.”

Alicia Dueck | Chaperone, Winnipeg Mennonite Children’s Choir, 2009

“Thank you all for your fine work in creating an artistically successful and personally meaningful tour for the Choral Arts Society.  I am grateful for your commitment to the excellent quality of the tour and constant care for the chorus while on tour. I also recognize your deep passion for music, your knowledge of the business and appreciate your long heartfelt history with Choral Arts.”

Debra L. Kraft | Executive Director, Choral Arts Society of Washington, 2005


“Love. There is no better way to describe the affection, admiration, generosity, appreciation, and sharing that took place between this impassioned orchestra and a joyous Cuban public.”

-Huffington Post | May 20, 2015

“Classical Movements, a Virginia-based company, handled discussions with Cuba on behalf of the orchestra. The company has arranged musical tours to the nation for more than 18 years.”

-Minnesota Star Tribune, Graydon Royce | Feb. 12, 2015

“The tour is being arranged by Classical Movements, the Alexandria-based concert tour agency and presenter which has made something of a specialty of Cuban travel over the last 18 years, bringing ensembles to and from the country despite the travel restrictions that necessitated special permission through the U.S. Treasury Department.”

-Washington Post, Anne Midgette | Feb. 12, 2015

“The Teatro Nacional, a 2,056-seat theater on the Plaza de la Revolución, was sold out. Two dozen photographers and videographers swarmed the aisles. The Minnesota Orchestra’s concert here Friday night was greeted not only as a rare chance to hear an orchestra from overseas, but as a symbol of the rapprochement between the United States and Cuba.”

-New York Times, Michael Cooper | May 16, 2015