Poland has a long, unique history that continues to mold the country’s ethos, imbuing a sense of national pride in the country and its culture. The large, cosmopolitan cities of Warsaw and Krakow are rich with Gothic, Baroque and modern architecture, while smaller towns retain the cultural charms of yore set against a backdrop of untouched natural beauty. Bordering a number of countries (the Czech Republic, Germany and Russia three among them), Poland is ideally located for a multi-country tour, but with a number of historical cities, gorgeous venues and welcoming audiences, it could be a stunning tour all on its own.

Classical Movements has been arranging tours to Poland since 1995. Performance venues range from conservatories to concert halls to historic synagogues.  There are a number of international music festivals for both orchestras and choirs, in addition to more individualized performance opportunities. The company hosted the Wroclaw Philharmonic Choir during its Serenade! Washington, D.C. Choral Festival and has taken numerous groups to Poland including the Toronto Children’s Chorus, National Symphony Orchestra, Pacific Boychoir, Bard Conservatory Orchestra with Dawn Upshaw and Kammerchor Winterthur from Switzerland.

Sights & Sounds

  • Warsaw
  • National Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Royal Castle
  • Frederick Chopin Academy of Music
  • Wilanow Palace
  • Krakow
  • Cracovia Cantans International Choral Festival
  • Tempel Synagogue
  • Marianski Choir
  • Wroclaw
  • Gdansk
  • Lodz



“The warm reception from the French people restored energy and health, as did the raucously enthusiastic audiences, packed houses, rave reviews, radio broadcasts, and extended ovations…”

-Peabody News | Sept, 1996

“The Wednesday flight from Barcelona to Lisbon had the most stringent bag restrictions yet, with hefty fines for those deemed too heavy. But the loaded-down musicians were allowed to board unimpeded. ‘Neeta worked her magic,’ murmured one.”

-Philadelphia Inquirer, David Patrick Stearns | Feb. 6, 2009

“The musical director and conductor of the Yale Glee Club said the group chose the destination ‘because of the wonderful friendships they discovered in Turkey.’ The Turkish word ‘dost’ (friends for life) is the reason we are performing in Istanbul,’ said Jeff Douma.”

-Hürriyet Daily News, Hatice Utkan | August 5, 2010

“We were met by friendly and caring guides who spoke excellent English and were sophisticated in matters relating to history, architecture and the way of life in Russia, both at the times of the czars and of the Soviet Union. A folkloric performance was of outstanding artistic quality.”

-International Travel News | Aug, 1998

“Deputy Chief of US Mission Kent Logsdon thanked Classical Movements for organizing such an amazing concert tour and praised YAC (Yale Alumni Chorus) musicians for their great charity activities and Vakhtang Kahidze for his wonderful orchestra.”

-Georgia Messenger, Salome Modebadze | June 28, 2011